Oakville’s unique Kerr Street (Village)

I have been to and love Stoney’s on Kerr street, but I didn’t realize this street had transformed into a village…

20131123-150304.jpg Read on for more on my visit to; Fantastico Pizza, Kerr Street Cafe and Elm Hill Cookies

I ventured out to Kerr Village after a friend recommended the “chicken bruschetta pizza” from Fantastico Pizza. I was pleasantly surprised to enter into a cosy pizzeria with a wood stove oven! I was greeted by a helpful employee and even though I’d prefer more garlic on the pizza, it was fantastically tasty and I really enjoyed the herbs and the thin crust.


While I waited for my pizza I just had to take a peak next door; Kerr Street Cafe. My visit was rewarded with a fabulous proper hot chocolate.

20131123-151318.jpg Once I saw their menu I knew I’d be back. Actually, just a couple of days later I came back with a guest for brunch!

20131123-151451.jpg I was pretty excited the eggs benny offered all my favourite ingredients and trying to get the perfect bite was quite the challenge: smoked salmon, cornbread, spinach, poached egg and avocado!


As I was about to leave after my first visit to Kerr Village… I spotted Elm Hill Cookies and to my delight this inviting little cookiery (cookie bakery) smelled amazing, had great samples, huge selection and lovely staff. After a couple of samples I had to take this experience home with me!

20131123-152059.jpg I was more than happy with every single cookie I choose as each one offered me a quality experience for my tastebuds. However, the “lemon blueberry sandwich” cookie was my highlight. I’m a chocolate girl, so having a citrus, berry flavour win me over was a delightful surprise. I did love the “everything” cookie as well as the fabulous Guinness chocolate and the maple sandwich. But this cookie story doesn’t end there. A couple of days later I needed another lemon/blueberry fix, I was craving the melt in my mouth lemon cookie! So I brought a friend along and I was surprised and excited to see all the new cookies. I picked out my 6 cookies, but my fellow cookie-eater wanted no sharing so he picked out his own additional 6 experiences (which he did share with me)!

20131123-153315.jpg We were not disappointed as again with each cookie your tastebuds are offered a different and amazing journey! The peppermint tea cookie was surprising to me…. utterly AMAZING! I will definitely come back for 6 of those along with the heavenly lemon ones. Even the apple pie cookie surprised me with its apple pie likeness.

Have you been to Kerr Village lately?
What’s your favourite place(s) to visit?


About Marsha Idella

It's my Edible Journey! I love food. I love love love chef tastings. Eating out inspires my home cooking. I’m passionate about sharing the foods I’ve tasted – made by someone else or me. I love sharing my journey through food, advising where to eat and what to eat. Sometimes it’s a homemade meal, a nearby restaurant, a culinary vacation or a food themed event. I love sharing food photos and their descriptions just as much as eating, but I also need to archive my foodie photos and recommendations thus far so that I don’t forget where I’ve been. Sometimes it is about eating the same thing twice – especially when you want to share that experience with someone or just relive it. “This is amazing, you gotta eat this”
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1 Response to Oakville’s unique Kerr Street (Village)

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Marsha!
    Awesome post on Kerr street! I have yet to try all the yummy places there yet, so this post is a perfect reference for me 🙂 so happy you loved all the cookies you tried at Elm Hill Cookies!!! It’s hard to pick which one to try, I still have not tried them all! Hope to see you again 🙂

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