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It's my Edible Journey! I love food. I love love love chef tastings. Eating out inspires my home cooking. I’m passionate about sharing the foods I’ve tasted – made by someone else or me. I love sharing my journey through food, advising where to eat and what to eat. Sometimes it’s a homemade meal, a nearby restaurant, a culinary vacation or a food themed event. I love sharing food photos and their descriptions just as much as eating, but I also need to archive my foodie photos and recommendations thus far so that I don’t forget where I’ve been. Sometimes it is about eating the same thing twice – especially when you want to share that experience with someone or just relive it. “This is amazing, you gotta eat this”

Coffee brew pipe for the tradesmen

What’s a plumber to do when they need a coffee on the job, there’s no hydro and it’d take to long to go to a coffee shop? BRIPE: a coffee brew pipe that makes hot, fresh coffee in under 3 … Continue reading

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Lebanese breakfast at “Take a Bite”

The garlic scrambled eggs, part of the Lebanese breakfast at “Take a Bite” are fantastic.  Congratulations to Jeff and Amal on opening up a restaurant inspired by their Food Truck.  They are serving so many of my favourites from their … Continue reading

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Comfort & Soul in CK

There’s a lot of love in the food at Comfort & Soul. I can’t believe I’m just outside of Blenheim because I can feel the soul of the south here.  I was so thrilled they had sweet tea to set … Continue reading

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Pardoville’s food heaven! 

Plan a road trip to food heaven, aka Pardo Villa Acres Farm Market & Bakery in Pardoville (outside Blenheim)! They are family owned and have an admirable selection of produce, homemade from scratch baking, local preserves & cheeses as well as … Continue reading

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The Combine is…

The Combine is… an amazing fairy tale like culinary experience! Everything I dream about in a perfect meal, The Combine delivers and more:

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Blueberry craving: parks hit the spot 

If you have a blueberry craving, Parks Blueberries is sure to hit the spot.

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You gotta try the fish tacos:

Willow Ridge Pub & Eatery is located in Blenheim at the Willow Ridge Golf Club. I was so lucky to have had Chef Angie, who created the menu, as my waitress. She is very personable and gracious with her time.  … Continue reading

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Tall Tales’ Taco Salad makes eating healthy fun

What a super fun summer salad! If you see the Taco Salad Bowl as a special at Tall Tales, you gotta try it! The bowl is edible: it’s a lightly deep fried tortilla that’s

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Next Stop: Taste… From Port Stanley to St. Thomas

Kudos to OntarioSouthwest for such a well produced and thoughtfully written story of just a snippet of the passionate food and drink producers in central Elgin County. As I watched, I felt so much pride and gratitude for the region … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Salsa

The Rosy Rhubarb Fest in Shedden was a success for me because I had Rhubarb salsa for the first time and I’m obsessed! Thank you to the Englehart’s for

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