Chocolate peppermint biscotti

The chocolate peppermint biscotti at Pane Fresco is amazing!


Thank you to Liz for giving me a try. I just had to take some home! Can’t wait to try it in my peppermint hot chocolate.


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It's my Edible Journey! I love food. I love love love chef tastings. Eating out inspires my home cooking. I’m passionate about sharing the foods I’ve tasted – made by someone else or me. I love sharing my journey through food, advising where to eat and what to eat. Sometimes it’s a homemade meal, a nearby restaurant, a culinary vacation or a food themed event. I love sharing food photos and their descriptions just as much as eating, but I also need to archive my foodie photos and recommendations thus far so that I don’t forget where I’ve been. Sometimes it is about eating the same thing twice – especially when you want to share that experience with someone or just relive it. “This is amazing, you gotta eat this”
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1 Response to Chocolate peppermint biscotti

  1. Those look scrumptiously delicious!
    Wow! Who would have ever thought that combination would work in a biscotti. We got to come up with another unique flavor… So far our last invention was the SESAME ALMOND spiked with RUM liquore!

    We have baked quite a BISCOTTI collection. Check out our website for more creative flavors your taste buds will scream & return for MORE!

    Click below & feel free to navigate:

    I suggest these biscotti sizes… BISCOTTINI (8 oz.) VARIETIES INCLUDE:
    ANISE (available in plain and dark chocolate dipped),
    LEMON (available in plain & white chocolate dipped),
    ORANGE (available in plain and dark chocolate dipped),
    RAISIN – This flavor is great paired with dessert wine or red wines. In addition to almonds and raisins, this biscotti version is baked with many delicious dried fruits which include: pineapples, candied vibrant orange papaya, apricot, citron (lemon), orange peel, cherries, figs, currants and orange essential oil for flavoring.
    CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT (not chocolate dipped but chocolate is baked into the biscotti dough)
    CHOCOLATE DIPPED CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT (dark chocolate dipped and chocolate is baked into biscotti dough)
    CHOCOLATE CHIP (NO NUTS) – baked with cappuccino & tiramisu for flavoring.
    STOMATICO – Seasonal flavor baked with cinnamon, cloves, ginger, raw sugar and honey. Available only during the holidays from late October until the end of December.
    be good to go!

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