Molly Cake: Burlington is lucky to have you! Welcome to the family.


Congrats to Molly Cake on a well run and put together open house at their new Brant Street location.

As a successful bakery should, they do all kinds of fabulous custom cakes and yummy desserts, and during the holiday season: gingerbread houses.

But what really impresses me is Christine’s forward thinking, involvement within the community and with her customers and friendly, knowledgeable staff. You aren’t just buying baked goods, you are supporting a family that you end up becoming a part of!

“Green Egg” program
Tips are donated to local charities. They rotate the charity every 4 months and this go around they are supporting Carpenter hospice till the end of December.

6 days of Sweet
Ends November 27th! This annual sweetness delivery contest started before Christine opened her first location; for more info on a chance to win your friend some baked goods visit:


The story behind “The Cookie”
(An amazing White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and skor bits cookie baked to the perfect gooey consistency.) It all came about 2 and a half years ago as apart of the cookie contest. They received 17 cookie recipes and the tasting committee narrowed it down to 3 and the customers picked the winner “The Cookie” which still, thankfully, lives on today!


Their open house saw so many fabulous samples:

– Peanut butter cup (Vegan & gluten free)
Rich chocolate that’s not too sweet with a smooth tasty peanut butter.

– Salted caramel
Excellent fresh tasting caramel with a hint of salt.

– Chocolate orange shortbread
So light and tasty.

– Chocolate peppermint marshmellow
So good in sipping chocolate!

– Sticky toffee pudding
Very cinnamony in a perfect way with a great icing / sauce.


Amazing Hot Chocolate
I love hot chocolate and I am so pleased with their “Sipping chocolate.” It’s a thick hot liquid chocolate. Milky dark is the single serving in the store or get a variety of flavours to take home. They also have a fabulous normal hot chocolate which its base is the sipping chocolate just not as thick.

Thank you to Bryanna, who made me a fantastic homemade peppermint hot chocolate with homemade peppermint marshmallows.


Make sure you check out all the homemade -baked with love- cookies, bars and sweets available at Molly Cake. Including bacon dipped in caramel and then dipped in chocolate.

Thank you to Christine, as she was very gracious with her time. I also want to note that I ordered her carrot cake for a birthday party and it was so amazingly sweet and decadent with the cake being perfectly moist and the icing being the perfect amount.



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